On The Road

Every autumn, shepherds from the Carpathians set off with their flocks in search of green grass, thousands of kilometers away from home. This “sheep road” is somewhat similar to the “Silk Road” or the “Salt Road”. In March 1997, the master of a flock was robbed and murdered in a forest. His youngest son finds his body after seven days of searching. More than the reconstruction of a crime, the film presents the life of transhumant shepherds from southern Transylvania. During the seven months of travel, the shepherds face unexpected events every day and have to travel 25-50 km daily, sleep under the open sky and face the weather and the wickedness of people.

Directed by Dumitru Budrala | Romania | 1997 | 43 min. © Astra Film

DaKINO Festival Grand Prix 1999
Silver Olive, Kalamata International Festival, Greece, 2000
Angel from Prohor Grand Prize, Belgrade Film Festival, 1998
The FILM.DOC Grand Prize, Sfîntu Gheorghe, Romania, 2004